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Kenya, being a land of captive diversity, lapped by the Indian Ocean and the beautiful soft amazing sandy beaches at the coast, straddling the equator, and with the magnificent view of snow-peaked Mount Kenya rising above a magnificent landscape of forested hills, patchwork farms and wooded savanna, is a richly rewarding place to travel.

The country’s dramatic geography has resulted in a great range of natural habitats, harbouring a huge variety of wildlife, while its history of migration and conquest has brought about a fascinating social panorama, which includes the Swahili city-states of the coast and the Masai of the Rift Valley, the unique and diverse culture and tradition of its friendly people i.e. music, songs, dance and cuisine.

The breath taking Rift Valley with its diverse habitats has abundant wildlife and birdlife, the world renowned wildebeest migration in the Masai Mara and diverse scenery offering the highest concentration of wildlife in its national parks compared to other parts of the continent Africa.

Kenya’s world-famous national parks, tribal peoples and superb beaches lend the country an exotic image with magnetic appeal. Treating it as a succession of tourist sights, however, is the most stimulating way to experience it.

'For the Best of East Africa's Wildlife!'

Photography Safaris

East Africa's wildlife and scenic beauty can be photographed easily right from your hotel, on game drives or in the hot air balloon. Whether, you are taking silhouettes, close-ups, wide shots, panoramic or actions photography. With the help of your guides and your knowledge on the use of your photographic equipment, you got to be in the right place and time for a successful capture.



Birding Safaris

White Throated Bee Eater

East Africa boosts of 1250 birds species representing about 15% of the worlds' species with the majority being migrants from other continents. The range of the topographic features offers a diverse habitat that increases the high avian density and making the region a busy passage way for migrants from the Northern hemisphere.


Wildlife Safaris

Wildlife Safari

Topcats offers all year round safaris in various National parks, reserves and private wildlife sanctuaries in East Africa.  At present, the wildebeest migration has come to be known as the seventh wonder of the world.

This natural phenomenon once described as "the greatest wildlife spectacle on Earth" also attracts other migrating animals like zebras, Topis and Thompson gazelles' and occurs from the month of June throughout October and attracts thousands of travelers from all over the world. Our guests, right from the students, tourists, scientists, individuals and families have appreciated East Africa's prolific wildlife since early 1960's.





Nairobi has grown from small rail-road town to a large cosmopolitan city with a population approaching 3 million with lots of attractions. The city tour offers a chance to see Municipal City market, Jamia Mosque, Macmillan Memorial Library, National Archives and the National Parliament located in the Central Business Center. The tour end at the Tourist Capital hill with a magnificent and panoramic view of the 'Green city in the Sun' located at the Uhuru Park. Understand the rich political, social and religion history of Kenya.

Nairobi National Museum and Reptile Park

Located at the Museum Hill and founded in 1909, the Nairobi Museum has numerous exhibits of the late Dr. Leakey's great findings, a collection of original artifacts from Kenyan tribes, Joy Adamson's painted images of different tribes men and women including a superb collection of mounted birds. Adjacent to the Museum is the Reptile Park which holds live snakes species, Nile crocodile, Tortoises and Terrapins as well as an aquarium with various fresh water and marine fish species.


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